How to Stay Young – 10 Healthy Habits – Experts agree that “staying young” begins in the mind. Stressing about life’s many highs and lows can cause more than a few grey hairs; surges of hormones adrenaline and cortisol can cause high blood pressure and stress the heart. The following tips  are key elements in how to stay young and make the most of your life every day.

Take a Mindful Break

A study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital showed meditation helps prevent age-related changes in the brain. Try your best to sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed, relaxing your jaw and shoulders, connecting to your breath, emptying your mind, and staying in the present moment for ten to 20 minutes each day. If you have not tried meditation before, there are several guided meditation videos online, and books on meditation at your local library.

Eat More Fat

And we don’t mean McDonalds! Omega-3 is a healthy fat that can help stabilize mood, maintain bone strength, and reduce inflammation in the body; a fat that can be found in foods like salmon, walnuts, and seeds. According to leading anti-aging expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone, “Omega-3 fats can trigger a person’s enzymes to pull fat from storage, like from the hips, to use as energy. These healthy fats can keep you healthy and your skin radiant.” If you’re not getting enough Omega-3 fats in your diet, your doctor might recommend a high-quality Omega-3 supplement for you.

Get Moving

Experts agree that regular exercise helps tone muscles, build healthier bodies, and boost mood. “Walking just ten minutes a day lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s by 40%,” says Dr. Gary Small, Director of the UCLA Longevity Center. “Physical conditioning reduces stress and anxiety, which wipe out your memory bank.” Yoga and other forms of gentle exercises are great ways to relieve stress, along with running, biking, swimming, and dancing. Doing whatever physical activity you love most is one great way to stay young. Click here for additional tips to stay active!

Find Love

And we don’t only mean romantically! Love can be found in all forms – in friends, in family, in pets, and hobbies. Passion is a powerful drug, the ability to embrace life in all its variety. Rekindle romance with your partner, join a club or group with common interests, take a painting class, or invite others to walk with you. You’ll find yourself feeling more energized and your self-esteem will get a boost.

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How to Stay Young – 10 Healthy Habits

Try Yoga

As a mind-body exercise, yoga pairs conscious breathing with physical movement. This gentle exercise can increase energy, and improve posture, flexibility, and mood. Deep oxygenating breath can help eliminate toxins in the body, prevent illness, and make skin glow. For those less experienced, there are many gentle beginning yoga classes. Regardless of a person’s age or experience level, yoga is another great way to stay young.

Eat More Fruit

Superfruits like pomegranates, goji berries, and blueberries have rich sources of Vitamins C and E, and antioxidants, which help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce joint inflammation, and may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Click here to learn more about brain healthy foods!

It is believed the goji berry stimulates the release of human growth hormones, which improve the ability to sleep, reduces fat, improves memory, boosts libido, enhances the immune system, and helps us look younger. To benefit from these antioxidants, try snacking on dried goji berries, or ask your doctor about concentrated goji berry supplements, or try a pomegranate-infused skin serum to achieve a skin-plumping glow.

Play Brain Games

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, brain games like crossword puzzles and sudoku can help prevent cognitive decline, strengthen the mind, and improve memory. You can find many brain games on Lumosity. Or you can find any number of brain game workbooks involving numbers, sequences, and wordplay at your nearby bookstore or online. Click here for additional ways to improve cognition as we age.

Schedule Playtime

One of the best ways to stay young is to spend time with those who are. Take the grandchildren to the park. Join the little ones as they color or play with blocks. Introduce a child to a new activity, a favorite card game, or a puzzle. When the generations spend time together, both enjoy the benefits.

Spend Time Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine revitalize the mind and body. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that improves sleep, appetite, and digestion. Whether working in the garden, reading in the park, or chatting with a neighbor “over the fence,” spending time outdoors in the fresh air can be a great way to stay young.

Treat Yourself

They say you cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s important to take care of yourself, no matter your age. Get a massage. Buy a new outfit. Bring home a bouquet of flowers. Do whatever brings a smile to your face, raises your spirits, and reignites that inner spark of youth.

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